CBM researchers participate and coordinate national research networks.

GDR 2037 - AIM

GDR AIM brings together French research groups developing chemistry processes for imaging.

GDR 3711 - Cosmactifs

The main mission of the GDR Cosmactifs is to promote the advancement of knowledge in "cosmetics" related to skincare of the face and body, for various properties and varied (moisturizing, firming, slimming, depigmenting, anti-stain , anti-wrinkles, anti-aging, sun protection, oily skin, ...).

GDR 3625 - MuFoPAM

The GDR-MuFoPAM brings together about forty French research teams, that is to say about 200 researchers, teacher-researchers, engineers, technicians, doctoral and post-doctoral students, distributed throughout the country and affiliated to the CNRS, ,INRA, INSERM, MNHN, Universities, CEA, ...