Atomic force microscopy

The platform is equipped with two AFM systems: a WITec Alpha500 RA (coupled with a Raman spectrometer) and a Veeco Dimension 3100. These two devices permit 3D imaging of the surface topography of a sample at the nanometre scale, but also the mapping of physical properties such as adhesion or stiffness. Measurements can be made in air or in liquid.

The first system is equipped with a scanning stage permitting surface analysis ranging from 200×200 µm² down to 5×5 µm² with a topography variation of up to 20 µm. The second includes an anti-vibration chamber permitting higher resolution imaging ranging from 80×80 µm² down to 100×100 nm² with a topography variation up to 5 µm and with resolutions lower than one nanometre.