Platform – Cytometry and cellular imaging P@CYFIC

This service is opened to regional, national and international scientific communities, no matter if they are private or public laboratories (CNRS, University...).

The team is at your disposal to assist you in the development of your protocols (choice of your fluorescent markers, conditions and preparation of a sort of cells ...):

GOSSET David - Technical manager
MIDOUX Patrick - Scientific manager
GRILLON Catherine - Scientific manager

Prices on january 2010

The equipments of the platform allow in vitro studies on a whole sample, performing a qualitative and quantitative study of a population within the sample and visualizing at the cellular level the interactions involved in various mechanisms. This platform gathers 3 main services at the forefront of technology:
- flow cytometry (analysis and cell sorting),
- video-microscopy in flux,
- confocal microscopy.

Flow cytometry

The fluorescence microscopy video

Cofoncal microscopy