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Administrative services

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The administrative services, under the authority of the Administrative Director, act in close cooperation with the Management of the CBM and are thus involved in a wide variety of actions.

The administrative services :

  • Participate in defining and implementing the policies of the Unit by coordinating and monitoring the laboratory’s resources
  • Assist with monitoring and applying safety rules and regulations
  • Provide the researchers with support in all the administrative tasks they have to carry out in their profession
  • Interpret the rules and procedures laid down by the Civil Service and apply them in compliance with the needs and research activities of the laboratory

Secretariat – Human Resources management

In addition to the traditional tasks of an executive secretariat, this department maintains good relationships with the various partners of the Center (the university, local and regional authorities, ...) and is responsible for the management of tenured and temporary personnel, liaising with the Human Resources department of the Regional Office.


The department manages all the financial resources of the Unit, ranging from budget management to the monitoring and analysis of expenditure and coordinating outside operations such as contracts and research agreements in the case of joint projects.
The Finance department liaises with the Finance and Accounting department of the Regional Office.


The Center for Molecular Biophysics is extremely attentive to all aspects of communication, both within and outside the Unit.
The scientific information specialist is in charge of all the facets of this activity, ranging from organizing seminars, both in-house and with invited speakers, to designing the promotional literature of the laboratory.
Together with a researcher of the laboratory, s/he represents the Center for Molecular Biophysics within the network of documentary correspondents run by the Communication Department of the Regional Office.
The laboratory possesses a research repository of ca. 3,500 references, which is an essential complement to the university library collections.

Reception – Security

The Reception of the laboratory is open Monday through Friday, from 8.45 to 12 and from 2 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.
The Receptionist plays an important role in preventive action and is authorised to act in case of emergency in health and safety matters.

ALBERT Brigitte Executive Assistant @

PERDEREAU Marie-Christine Secretary @

LEGLAND Patricia Financial office manager @

BENNACER Nadia Financial technician@

GABANT Christine Financial technician@

FRAPART Isabelle Communication assistant - Librarian @

LEGOUPIL Laëtitia @