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Technical team

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The technical services report to the Administrative Director. They are responsible for all general construction operations and for work specifically related to the research activities of the Unit (buildings, partitions, electricity, plumbing, painting, carpentry, computer installation, networks, telephones, ...)

Property and logistics

The technical team ensures the day-to-day maintenance of the premises and equipment of the laboratory :

  • design and supervision of minor construction work
  • technical installation of scientific apparatus
  • first-line repairs and breakdown diagnostics
  • advice for users

The team also ensures logistic support of various kinds for the laboratory.

Major property decisions concerning the infrastructure are carried out in close cooperation with the Assets and Logistics department of the Regional Office which has set up a network of ‘property’ correspondents in each laboratory.

Information Systems

The computing equipment of the CBM comprises around 400 computers, which includes 20 servers. While various operating systems are used, Microsoft represents the majority, but there are also about 50 computers with Linux distributions and few Macintosh users.

The computer specialist in the Information Systems department of the CBM is responsible for running and developing the laboratory’s computer network and maintaining a high security level. He is also in charge of managing the servers and the computer hardware and software, of providing assistance for all the laboratory personnel, and of developing the internet and intranet websites. In addition, they ensure the maintenance and provisioning of the telephone network.

The Information Systems department carries out technological surveillance in connection with their activities, and participates in the network set up by the Information Systems department of the Regional Office, as well as in the implementation of national directives on information systems policy.

TORRES Justo Maintenance and works Engineer @

BRUNEAU Martial Electricity Tecnician @

BERTEAUX Yannick Information systems administrator - Information systems service leader @

BOYER Alain I.T. Technician @