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Our facility serves the scientific community working in private companies and public laboratories (CNRS, Universities...), anywhere in the world. Please contact us for pricing or any other question.

To submit samples for analysis, please fill out the following form : Analysis request and contact Guillaume Gabant.

For the best results, we encourage you to desalt your samples before submission. This can be done using HPLC or micro-purification methods such as zip-tips.

To check which buffer components are incompatible with mass spectrometry analysis, and which can be tolerated for MALDI analysis, see the mass spectrometry – buffer compatibility table here.


- Video Ultrathin Layer method protocol
Journal Of Visualized Experiments
(Référence : Fenyo D Wang, QJ ; DeGrasse, JA ; Padovan, JC ; Cadene, M ; Chait, BT MALDI sample preparation : the ultra thin layer method Journal of Visualized Experiments, Cellular Biology, (2007) (3) )

- To calculate monoisotopic and average masses of small organic molecules
Molecular Mass Calculator by Christoph Gohlke

- To calculate monoisotopic and average masses of peptides, proteins
PROWL, Rockefeller University, Protein Info Analyze Amino Acid Sequence

- To calculate the mass of a C13 and/or N15-labeled protein (check the corresponding boxes)
Protein calculator v3.4

- To calculate monoisotopic and average masses of oligonucleotids
Oligo II Mass Calculator v1.0

GABANT Guillaume CNRS engineer, Technical leader Tel : 02 38 25 54 57
Fax : 02 38 63 15 17 @

CADENE Martine CNRS senior researcher, Scientific leader  @

Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire
Plateforme de Spectrométrie de Masse et Protéomique

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