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Simon, P ; Charpentier, S ; Costentin, J

An automated method for the assessment of spontaneous and stereotyped climbing behavior in mice : effects of the selective D(1)- and D(2)- dopamine receptor agonists SKF-38393 and RU-24926 and their association

Methods and Findings in Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology 13 (2) 99-104

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Abstract :

A video-tracking technique has been used for the evaluation of climbing behavior in mice. An automated image analysis system, the Videotrack 512 (Electronique Lyonnaise), was adapted for this specific application. This allowed distinguishing between spontaneous climbing and stereotyped climbing. The activity duration of mice was simultaneously measured. In order to validate this method, in the present study the ability of apomorphine to induce climbing in mice, and the effects of the D1-dopamine receptor agonist SKF-38393 and the D2-dopamine agonist RU-24926 and their association were investigated.