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Cerdan, D ; Grillon, C ; Monsigny, M ; Redziniak, G ; Kieda, C

Human keratinocyte membrane lectins - characterization and modulation of their expression by cytokines

Biology of the Cell 73 (1) 35-42

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Abstract :

In an attempt to identify cell surface molecules involved in recognition phenomena between cells such as keratinocytes and melanocytes and putatively target biological responses modifiers to keratinocytes, we undertook the detection of cell surface sugar specific receptors : membrane lectins. Keratinocyte membrane lectins were found to bind synthetic glycoproteins (neoglycoproteins) carrying either a-L-fucosyl or a-L-rhamnosyl residues. Fluorescence microscopy observations indicate that cultured keratinocytes are able to bind these two neoglycoproteins while frozen sections of human skin labelled with neoglycoprotein-coated covaspheres show that the selectivity of the binding to keratinocytes is restricted to a-L-rhamnosyl-BSA.