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Legrand, A ; Nachtigal, M

Homologous recombination of a plasmid containing the SV40 early region in rabbit-cells

Intervirology 32 (3) 173-184

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Abstract :

The plasmid pSV3-neo that carries the SV40 early genetic region and the neo(r) resistance gene underwent homologous recombination between SV40-duplicated sequences of the small t antigen intron and the polyadenylation site after transfection into rabbit vascular smooth muscle cells. This recombination yielded two free plasmids of 1.7 and 3.0 kb that replicated in transfected rabbit cells, while the vector plasmid did not. Replication of the two recombinant plasmids continued for several months in rabbit cells transformed by pSV3-neo, and their structure remained unchanged. Between 15 and 2,510 copies per cell of the 3.0-kb plasmid and between 370 and 1,565 copies per cell of the 1.7-kb plasmid were found in different pSV3-neo-transformed rabbit clones.