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Marceau, P ; Gautreau, L ; Beguin, F ; Guillaumet, G

Graphite intercalation compounds as precursors of activated metals : Synthesis of ß, gamma -unsaturated ketones through condensation of allylic organozinc derivatives with nitriles

Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 403 (1-2)

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Abstract :

Zinc supported on graphite (Zn-0/Gr) prepared from the binary KC8 grahite interaculation compound was used as metallic reagent for the synthesis of various ß-gamma -unsaturated ketones from nitriles and a allylic halide. In aromatic series, the reaction is not influenced by the groups present on the ring of the nitrile. The most striking feature of the reaction is that the chloro and bromo parent reagents have comparable reactivities ; this is attributed to the fact that the reaction of the activated organozinc derivative with the nitrile takes place on the surface of the carbonaceous support rather than in the solution.