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Depierreux, C ; Kang, HC ; Guerin, B ;Monsigny, M ; Delmotte, F

Characterization of an agrobacterium-tumefaciens lectin

Glycobiology 1 (6) 643-649

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Abstract :

An Agrobacterium tumefaciens suspension induces a strong agglutination of aldehyde-fixed pig erythrocytes at pH 5.0. The agglutination is inhibited by some polysaccharides, such as fucoidin, and also when the pH is raised to 7.0. Lectins (sugar-binding proteins) associated with the bacterial cell wall of A. tumefaciens strain 84.5 were directly evidenced by spectrofluorimetry using fluoresceinylated neoglycoproteins. The specific binding of the fluorescein-labelled neoglycoprotein bearing .a.-L-fucoside residues was also optimal at pH 5.0. A lectin was purified by affinity chromatography on agarose substituted with .a.-L-fucopyranoside. Furthermore, the haemagglutination activity of this lectin was inhibited by polysaccharides isolated from poplar leaves.