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Lehmann, M ; Rabenandrasana, C ; Rognoni, JB ; Verrier, B ; Marvaldi, J ; Fantini, J

Combination of culture on collagen gels and glucose starvation for cloning human colon cancer-cells - obtention of clones exhibiting different patterns of enterocytic differentiation

Cytotechnology 5 (2) 117-127

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Abstract :

Glucose starvation has been widely used to select differentiated subpopulations from the heterogenous human colon cancer cell line HT29. We observed that the important cell loss elicited by culturing these cells in glucose-free medium could be limited when type I collagen gel was used as substratum instead of conventional plastic support. We took advantage of this property to develop a new protocol, which combined glucose starvation and culture on collagen gels, for cloning HT29 cells.