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Boiziau, C ; Kurfurst, R ; Cazenave, C ; Roig, V ; Thuong, NT ; Toulme, JJ

Inhibition of translation initiation by antisense oligonucleotides via an rnase-h independent mechanism

Nucleic Acids Research 19 (5) 1113-1119

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Abstract :

We have used a-oligomers as antisense oligonucleotides complementary to three different sequences of the rabbit ß-globin mRNA : a region adjacent to the cap site, a region spanning the AUG initiation codon or a sequence in the coding region. These a-oligonucleotides were synthesized either with a free 5’ OH group or linked to an acridine derivative. The effect of these oligonucleotides on mRNA translation was investigated in cell-free extracts and in Xenopus oocytes.