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Decoville, M ; Moreau, P ; Viegaspequignot, E ; Locker, D

Genomic organization and nucleotide-sequence of a long mosaic repetitive DNA in the mouse genome

Mammalian Genome 2 (3) 172-185

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Abstract :

A long mosaic repetitive sequence (LMRS) was isolated from a mouse liver genome library using a mouse repetitive DNA as a probe. LMRS exhibits the following features : (1) it is almost 15 kb in length ; (2) it is partly organized in tandem array and frequently interrupted by other repeated sequences ; and (3) it is located predominantly on the A3 band of the mouse X Chromosome (Chr). One fragment of LMRS (B6) shows restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) between different mouse strains, and is thus potentially useful for mapping studies. The nucleotide sequence confirms a mosaic organization of LMRS which includes three repeats in the 5’ part, showing similarity with the 5’ end of L1Md-A2, and seven long A + T rich segments in the central part of the element. Our findings suggest that this sequence may have arisen from the duplication of an ancestral motif and has expanded by successive waves of amplification and invasion by foreign sequences.