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Grillot-Courvalin, C ; Brouet, JC ; Piller, F ; Rassenti, LZ ; Labaume, S ; Silverman, GJ ; Silberstein, L ; Kipps, TJ

An anti-b-cell autoantibody from wiskott-aldrich syndrome which recognizes i blood-group specificity on normal human b-cells

European Journal of Immunology 22 (7) 1781-1788

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Abstract :

We previously identified IgM autoantibodies in the sera of patients with Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome (WAS) that react with a subset of normal human B lymphocytes and induce B cell differentiation in vitro. From splenocytes of a patient with WAS we generated heterohybridomas (HY18 and HY21) and a lymphoblastoid cell line (LWA10) that produce human IgM-lambda or IgM-kappa anti-B lymphocyte autoantibodies, respectively. Immunohistochemical and multiparameter flow cytometric analyses demonstrate that these autoantibodies are specific for lymphocytes of the B lineage and preferentially stain B cells that reside in the mantle zone of secondary follicles and that constitutively co-express the CD5 surface antigen and most major autoantibody-associated cross-reactive idiotypes ; in addition, these antibodies stain most pre-B cells in adult bone marrow.