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Beloeil, JC ; Gillet, B ; Fedeli, O ; Berenger, G ; Lombardi, V ; Marzullo, F ; Scozzafava, A

Application of 2D H-1-NMR spectroscopy to the study of the brain, spinal-cord, and sciatic-nerve

Molecular and Chemical Neuropathology 19 (1-2) 1-13

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Abstract :

Homonuclear H-1 2D NMR spectroscopy (COSY experiments at 400 and 600 MHz) were used to study the rat brain in vivo and the rabbit spinal cord and sciatic nerve in vitro. The following metabolites were identified : lactate, alanine, threonine, GABA, glutamine/glutamate, N-acetyl aspartate, aspartate, taurine, inositol derivatives, choline derivatives, and glucose. The sciatic nerve spectra showed characteristic COSY graphs of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, and linoleic and linolenic type structures were identified.