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Briki, F ; Genest, D

Molecular-dynamics study of the base-pair opening process in the self-complementary octanucleotide d(ctgatcag)

Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics 11 (1) 43-56

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Abstract :

We report an analysis of a 200 ps Molecular Dynamics simulation of the double stranded oligonucleotided(CTGATCAG) in the presence of 1534 water molecules and 14Na+ ions.We focus on the opening process of Thymine 5, by analyzing in detail the glycosidic bond rotational motion about the helix axis. The present analysis is mainly based on autocorrelation functions and on mean square displacements. We show that the opening of the base has a Brownian character and we find a rotational diffusion coefficient of 4.7 rad2s-1. Furthermore we estimate the DNA torsional constant to be about 0.5 10(-18) J.rad-2 and the RMS of the angular displacement to be 8.3-degrees. All these values are in fair agreement with those determined experimentally by fluorescence polarization of DNA-Ethidium bromide complexes. This shows that the rotational motions of the bases detected in the range 10(-9) - 10(-7) s. by fluorescence techniques are the same as those analyzed in the present study (10(-12) - 2 10(-10) s).