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Spotheim-Maurizot, M ; Garnier, F ; Kieda, C ; Sabattier, R ; Charlier, M

N-acetylcysteine and captopril protect DNA and cells against radiolysis by fast-neutrons

Radiation and Environmental Biophysics 32 (4) 337-343

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Abstract :

N-Acetylcysteine and captopril, respectively mucolytic and antihypertensive drugs, contain free sulfhydryl groups. Since in general thiols have well-established radioprotective abilities, we sought putative radioprotective effects of these drugs against therapeutic fast neutrons. We show that pBR322 plasmid DNA is indeed protected against radiolytic strand breakage by both drugs. The oxygen independent protection is consistent with a hydroxyl radical scavenging mechanism. A clonogenicity assay reveals an increase of the survival of SCL-1 cultured keratinocytes irradiated in the presence of the drugs compared with cells irradiated without drugs. Our results suggest possible interferences between treatment with drugs bearing-SH groups and radiotherapy.