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Isabelle, V ; Franchetbeuzit, J ; Sabattier, R ; Laine, B ; Spotheim-Maurizot, M ; Charlier, M

Radioprotection of DNA by a DNA-binding protein - mc1 chromosomal protein from the archaebacterium methanosarcina sp chti55

International Journal of Radiation Biology 63 (6) 749-758

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Abstract :

The archaebacterial chromosomal protein MCI binds tightly and unspecifically to DNA ; binding protects DNA against radiolysis by fast neutrons. At low covering of pBR322 plasmid DNA, one bound protein protects some 50 attack sites (phosphate-sugar moieties) against both single (ssb) and double strand breaks (dsb). At high covering of plasmid, protection against dsb becomes almost complete, although about half of the attack sites remain accessible to ssb. DNA restriction fragments were used to investigate the organization of the complexes, and its consequences on DNA radiolysis. Sequencing gel electrophoresis of the radiolytically-broken fragments are almost regular in the absence of protein, showing that breakage occurs at every base. In the presence of the protein, a periodic protection pattern is observed. The period of 11 base pairs is interpreted as the minimum distance between two adjacent MCI proteins.