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Westall, F ; Rossi, S ; Mascle, J

Current-controlled sedimentation in the equatorial atlantic - examples from the southern margin of the guinea plateau and the romanche fracture-zone

Sedimentary Geology 82 (1-4) 157-171

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Abstract :

3.5 kHz and seismic reflection data were used in a study area of bottom-current control of sedimentation in two areas of the Equatorial Atlantic : a 100 km long segment of the Romanche Fracture Zone (RFZ) and a 30 km wide sector of the southern margin of the Guinea Plateau. The RFZ is the most important conduit for Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW) into the eastern Atlantic. At mid depths (ca. 1500-4500 m), North Atlantic Deep Water (NADW) spreads southwards and eastwards, whereas at the surface, directly overlying the RFZ, is the Equatorial Divergence, a zone of high biological production.