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Peypoux, F ; Bonmatin, JM ; Labbe, H ; Grangemard, I ; Das, BC ; Ptak, M ; Wallach, J ; Michel, G

[ala4]surfactin, a novel isoform from bacillus-subtilis studied by mass and NMR spectroscopies

European Journal of Biochemistry 224 (1) 89-96

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Abstract :

When Bacillus subtilis S 499 was grown on a culture medium containing L-alanine as nitrogen source, a mixture of surfactins was obtained. Suitable chromatographic conditions allowed the separation of isoforms. Among these compounds, a new variant of surfactin was isolated and its structure was established by chemical and spectrometric methods, especially by NMR spectrometry. It contains a peptide sequence which differs from that of standard surfactin by the replacement of the L-valine residue by L-alanine residue in position 4. The folding mode of [Ala4]surfactin as deduced from NMR results was compared with that of standard surfactin and the structure/properties relationship issuing from the study of this new isoform is discussed.