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Lacassie, E ; Delmas, A ; Trudelle, Y

Influence of the conformation of a macromolecule on the generation of T-cell proliferative response - a study with model polypeptides

Febs Letters 349 (3) 380-384

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Abstract :

To study the influence of the conformation of polypeptidic macromolecules on the generation of T-cell epitopes, sequential polypeptides with an octamer repeat unit were designed and synthesized. They adopt mainly unordered and a-helical conformations. Among these polypeptides, those containing proline are fully or partly unordered, and are more effective at inducing T-cell proliferation than a proline-free very stable a-helical polypeptide. This extremely stable a-helical conformation, probably stabilized by aggregation, would enhance its stability against proteolytic processing.