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Gomez, JP ; Potreau, D ; Raymond, G

Intracellular calcium transients from newborn rat cardiomyocytes in primary culture

Cell Calcium. 15 265-275.

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Abstract :

Resting and transient levels of intracellular free calcium concentrations were recorded in Indo-1 loaded neonatal rat ventricular cardiomyocytes in primary culture by means of an interactive laser cytometer. The calcium transients were induced by high potassium and caffeine applications. The resting level of intracellular calcium remained constant (about 140 nM) throughout the culture (up to 7 days). The calcium transients induced by 100 mM K+ changed during culture from a low, cobalt sensitive response at 2 days, to a strong biphasic response at 7 days. At 2 days the response was fully blocked by cobalt. At 7 days the transient phase was abolished by cobalt and ryanodine, whereas the second sustained phase was only partially blocked. The calcium transient induced by caffeine was present as early as the first days, and increased with the age of the culture.