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Gincel, E ; Lancelot, G ; Maurizot, JC ; Thuong, NT ; Vovelle, F

Comparison of solution structure of free and complexed lac operator by molecular modeling with NMR constraints

Biochimie 76 (2) 141-151

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Abstract :

The structure difference between the free operator of the lac system d(GCTCACAAT).d(ATTGTGAGC) and the same operator complexed to the headpiece of the lac repressor has been investigated by 2-D-H-1 NMR spectroscopy in conjunction with molecular modelling in internal coordinates (JUMNA). The free and complexed operator adopt both a right-handed B helical conformation, but a more detailed analysis of the conformational parameters using the Curves program shows striking differences in the groove geometries, the rises, the twists and the total bending.