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Carpentier, V ; Vassard, C ; plessis, C ; Motta, G ; Monsigny, M ; Roche, AC

Characterization and cellular-localization by monoclonal-antibodies of the 60-kda mannose-specific lectin of human promyelocytic cells, hl-60

Glycoconjugate Journal 11 (4) 333-338

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Abstract :

Myelomonocytic lineage cells express an M(r) 60000 mannose specific lectin, MR60 (Pimpaneau et al. (1991), Carbohydr Res 213 : 95-108). Under non-reducing conditions, this protein migrates as a 120000 protein. MR60 does not contain any N-glycan moiety cleavable by the action of N-glycanase. MR60 induces a sugar selective aggregation of beads coated with glycosylated albumin : beads bearing a-D-mannosyl residues are aggregated while beads bearing a-D-glucosyl residues are not. A monoclonal antibody Lec101B, specific for MR60, recognizes a single M(r) 60000 protein by Western blotting. This monoclonal antibody does not label the cell surface of cells expressing MR60, but decorates intracellular vesicles upon permeabilization of these cells.