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Chevrie, K ; Motta, G ; Mayer, R ; Monsigny, M

Dye-hydrophobic hapten conjugate anti-dye antibody complex as immunogen - preparation of hydrophobic hapten-specific monoclonal-antibodies

Biochimie 76 (2) 171-179

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Abstract :

In order to induce the production of antibodies specific for small molecules, it is common to link them to a protein. However, when the small molecule is very hydrophobic it is extremely difficult to prepare such a conjugate. Here, we describe a simple way to obtain an antigenic conjugate under controlled conditions : in a first step a very hydrophobic hapten, cholanic acid, is linked to a dye, basilen blue, in organic solvent ; in a second step the cholanic acid-basilen blue conjugate is dissolved in phosphate buffered saline and mixed with rabbit polyclonal anti-basilen blue antibodies previously raised in rabbits against basilen blue-keyhole limpet hemocyanin conjugate. Such a complex, which dissociates very slowly, appears to be a good immunogen in mice. Anti-cholanyl residue monoclonal antibodies were produced and characterized.