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Kuchler, S ; Graff, MN ; Gobaille, S ; Vincendon, G ; Roche, AC ; Delaunoy, JP ; Monsigny, M ; Zanetta, JP

Mannose dependent tightening of the rat ependymal cell barrier - in vivo and in vitro study using neoglycoproteins

Neurochemistry International 24 (1) 43-55

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Abstract :

The possible role of carbohydrate binding proteins (lectins) and glycoconjugates in the formation of junctions ensuring tightening between ependymal cells was studied using synthetic glycoconjugates, the neoglycoproteins. These compounds are prepared by substituting bovine serum albumin with sugar residues and additional labelling (or not) with fluorescein or biotin. Injections of these components into the cerebral ventricles of adult rats resulted in a binding pattern which could be related to their carbohydrate composition. Mannose-containing neoglycoproteins were bound to ependymal cell cilia and penetrated rapidly the brain tissue. Such phenomenon was not seen with glucose- or galactose-containing neoglycoprotein molecules. In contrast, mannose-, galactose- and glucose- containing neoglycoproteins bound strongly to some endothelial cells around blood vessels. Fluorescent unglycosylated serum albumin did not bind to any brain structures.