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Bi, BY ; Leveugle, B ; Liu, JL ; Collard, A ; Coppe, P ; Roche, AC ; Nillesse, N ; Capron, M ; Spik, G ; Mazurier, J

Immunolocalization of the lactotransferrin receptor on the human t-lymphoblastic cell-line jurkat

European Journal of Cell Biology 65 (1) 164-171

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Abstract :

Monoclonal antibodies have been raised against the soluble lactotransferrin binding protein purified from the cell culture supernatant of Jurkat cell line, a human T-lymphoblastic cell. Al monoclonal antibodies were able to specifically bind to the membrane of Jurkat cells. One of the monoclonal antibodies, DP5B3G10, recognized both the soluble lactotransferrin-binding protein and the membrane lymphocyte lactotransferrin receptor after SDS-PAGE in presence of 2-mercaptoethanol and electrotransfer on nitrocellulose.