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Vantilbeurgh, H ; Roussel, A ; Lalouel, JM ; Cambillau, C

Lipoprotein-lipase - molecular-model based on the pancreatic lipase X-ray structure - consequences for heparin-binding and catalysis

Journal of Biological Chemistry 269 (6) 4626-4633

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Abstract :

Lipoprotein lipase and pancreatic lipase have about 30% sequence identity, suggesting a similar tertiary fold. Three-dimensional models of lipoprotein lipase were constructed, based upon two recently determined x-ray crystal structures of pancreatic lipase, in which the active site was in an open and closed conformation, respectively. These models allow us to propose a few hypotheses on the structural determinants of lipoprotein lipase which are responsible for heparin binding, dimer formation, and phospholipase activity.