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Cornet, B ; Bonmatin, JM ; Hetru, C ; Hoffmann, JA ; Ptak, M ; Vovelle, F

Refined 3-dimensional solution structure of insect defensin-a

Structure 3 (5) 435-448

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Abstract :

Background : Insect defensin A is a basic 4 kDa protein secreted by Phormia terranovae larvae in response to bacterial challenges or injuries. Previous biological tests suggest that the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane is the target of defensin A. The structural study of this protein is the first step towards establishing a structure-activity relationship and forms the basis for understanding its antibiotic activity at the molecular level. Results : We describe a refined model of the three-dimensional structure of defensin A derived from an extensive analysis of 786 inter-proton nuclear Overhauser effects. The backbone fold involves an N-terminal loop and an alpha-helical fragment followed by an antiparallel beta-structure.