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Lelièvre, D ; Daguet, D ; Brack, A

On-line solid-phase synthesis of a peptide bi-derivatized with biotin and 4-azido salicylic acid

Tetrahedron Letters 36 (51) 9317-9320

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Abstract :

The peptide (TSP)(4) is an efficient substrate for GalNAc transferase.(1) To localize the active site of GalNAc transferase, Biotin-(TSP)(4)-Lys(ASA)-G was prepared by on-line solid phase synthesis using Fmoc strategy. The new protecting group, 1-(4,4-dimethyl-2,6-dioxocyclohexy-1-ylidene) (Dde) was used as a temporary protecting group for N-epsilon-lysine. The bi-derivatized peptide was characterized by mass spectrometry and FTIR spectrometry. This strategy can be generalized to other bi-derivatized peptides synthesized for ligand-receptor studies.