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Quesnel, A ; Delmas, A ; Trudelle, Y

Purification of synthetic peptide libraries by affinity-chromatography using the avidin-biotin system

Analytical Biochemistry 231 (1) 182-187

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Abstract :

The specific interaction between biotin and avidin was exploited in the affinity purification of solid-phase synthesized peptide libraries. During peptide library synthesis, by means of the single-resin method in which coupling on variable positions is carried out using an equimolar mixture of amino acids, biotin was used to cap the unreacted amino groups remaining after coupling of the equimolar amino acid mixture. The following synthesis and deprotection procedures were performed as usual in tert,-butyloxycarbonyl chemistry. The purification of the peptide mixture containing N-biotinylated sequences was performed by affinity chromatography on an avidin-agarose column.