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Gillet, B ; Doan, BT

Phase-sensitive 2-Dimensional experiment on living animals

Journal of Magnetic Resonance Series B 108 (1) 44-49

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Abstract :

This report describes the first H-1-H-1 phased spectrum obtained in vivo from the hind-leg muscles of an intact mouse. TOCSY correlations can follow the complete spin system and give a more detailed graph of each molecule than can COSY. TOCSY is also better suited than COSY for studying long fatty-acid chains. All the peaks are in phase in a TOCSY experiment and the intensities of the cross-correlation peaks are less sensitive to low digitalization in the t(1) domain than are those of COSY. The improvement in sensitivity was estimated by measuring the volumes of the cross-correlation peaks in COSY and TOCSY spectra. (C) 1995 Academic Press, Inc.