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Kellenberger, C ; Hietter, H ; Luu, B

Regioselective formation of the three disulfide bonds of a 35-residue insect peptide

Peptide Research 8 (6) 321-327

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Abstract :

PMP-D2, a 35-residue peptide containing three disulfide bonds, was synthesized on solid-phase using 9-fluorenylmethoxy-carbonyl (Fmoc) as a-NH2 protection and simultaneous air oxidation of the six cysteines for formation of its disulfide bonds. The overall yield was 13%. As very little research has been done on the regioselective formation of three disulfide bonds, we decided to investigate different strategies using either trityl (Trt), acetamidomethyl (Acm) and methoxybenzyl (Mob), or methoxytrityl (Mmt), trityl and acetamidomethyl, as cysteine-protecting groups and Fmoc as a-NH2 protection.