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Kellenberger, C ; Boudier, C ; Bermudez, I ; Bieth, JG ; Luu, B ; Hietter, H

Serine-protease inhibition by insect peptides containing a cysteine knot and a triple-stranded ß-sheet

Journal of Biological Chemistry 270 (43) 25514-25519

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Abstract :

Three insect peptides showing high sequence similarity and belonging to the same structural family incorporating a cysteine knot and a short three-stranded antiparallel ß-sheet were studied. Their inhibitory effect on two serine proteases (bovine a-chymotrypsin and human leukocyte elastase) is reported. One of them, PMP-C, is a strong a-chymotrypsin inhibitor (K-i = 0.2 nM) and interacts with leukocyte elastase with a K-i of 0.12 mu M.