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Raimond, J ; Rouleux, F ; Monsigny, M ; Legrand, A

The 2nd intron of the human galectin-3 gene has a strong promoter activity down-regulated by P53

Febs Letters 363 (1-2) 165-169

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Abstract :

Galectin-3 is a galactose-specific lectin which has been shown to be involved in several biological functions such as cell growth regulation, cell aggregation and cell differentiation. The partial cloning of the human genomic sequences reveals the presence of a 651 bp intron, 18 bp downstream of the translation initiation site, This intron contains several regulatory elements found in many eukaryotic genes, This sequence, when inserted upstream of a promoter-free luciferase gene, induces the expression of luciferase, demonstrating the promoter activity of the intron upon transfection in human or murine cells, This promoter activity is down-modulated by wild-type p53 but not by a mutated form of p53.