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Monsigny, M

Glycotechnologies- Soft biotechnologies

Biofutur (142) 27-32

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Abstract :

Oligosaccharides act as recognition signals as well as effectors both in plants (Oligosaccharins) and in animals. They specifically bind lectins, glycotransferases, glycosidases, adhesion molecules, etc... Membrane lectins are involved in cell-cell recognition phenomena both in normal and in pathological situations. For instance, in case of inflammation the interaction of neutrophils with the endothelial cells is mediated by membrane lectins expressed on the surface of the later cells lining the vessels ; the addition of specific oligosides prevents this interaction and as a consequence the tissue degradation occuring during a prolonged inflammation. Analogous situations are also found in the case of autoimmune diseases and atherosclerosis. Lectins are also involved in recognition between microorganisms (parasite, bacteria, virus) and host cells. Specific oligosaccharides are able to impair this early step of the deleterious processes mediated by microorganisms.