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Menoret, A ; Otry, C ; Labarriere, N ; Breimer, ME ; Piller, F ; Meflah, K ; Lependu, J

The expression of carbohydrate blood-group antigens correlates with heat-resistance

Journal of Cell Science 108 1691-1701 Part 4

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Abstract :

Recent data indicate that cells may resist heat shock via more than one route : heat shock protein synthesis and other still ill-defined mechanisms. We investigated this phenomenon using four types of cells derived from a single rat colon carcinoma : clones REGb and PROb ; PRO A(+), a glycosylation variant of PROb selected for its high expression of blood group A antigen ; and Phs, a thermoresistant variant of PROb selected by repeated sublethal heat treatments. Basal heat resistance was clearly associated with the level of cell surface expression of blood group H and A antigens.