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Isabelle, V ; Prevost, C ; Spotheim-Maurizot, M ; Sabattier, R ; Charlier, M

Radiation-induced damages in single- and double-stranded DNA

International Journal of Radiation Biology 67 (2) 169-176

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Abstract :

In the present study, we searched for possible effects of DNA strandedness (single and double), on two types of damages, frank strand breaks (FSB, observed at neutral pH) and alkali labile sites (ALS, leading to breaks at alkaline pH) induced by irradiation with gamma-rays (Co-60) Or fast neutrons (p34,Be). Sequencing gel electrophoresis allowed us to follow the occurrence of these damages at each nucleotide site in single (ss-ss), double (ds-ds), and half single-half double (ss-ds and ds-ss) stranded oligonucleotides. Globally, in DNA with random sequences of bases, no differences in FSB and ALS yield between the single and the double-stranded conformations were observed. One observes, however, an increased alkaline liability at some guanine sites belonging to single-stranded region of ss-ds or ds-ss. Nevertheless, strandedness influences the radiosensitivity of some particular sequences, i.e. the 5’-AATT sequences. This region is less radiosensitive than the rest of DNA in the double helical, but not in the single-stranded conformation. The results are discussed in terms of DNA conformation.