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Asseline, U ; Bonfils, E ; Dupret, D ; Thuong, NT

Synthesis and binding properties of oligonucleotides covalently linked to an acridine derivative : New study of the influence of the dye attachment site

Bioconjugate Chemistry 7 (3) 369-379

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Abstract :

2-Methoxy-6-chloro-9-aminoacridine has been coupled via a polymethylene linker to various positions of an oligonucleotide chain : the 3’-position, using a new universal support, the 5’-position, and both 5’- and 3’-positions via a phosphate. The intercalating agent was also linked to the oligonucleotide chain via an internucleotide phosphorothiolate. The mixture of diastereoisomers was obtained as well as each pure R(p) and S-p isomer. Finally, the acridine moiety was introduced to the 5-position of the deoxyuridine. The binding properties of these oligonucleotide-acridine conjugates with their DNA counterparts have been studied by absorption spectroscopy.