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Brulatout, S ; Meric, P ; Loubinoux, I ; Borredon, J ; Correze, JL ; Roucher, P ; Gillet, B ; Berenger, G ; Beloeil, JC ; Tiffon, B ; Mispelter, J ; Seylaz, J

A one-dimensional (proton and phosphorus) and two-dimensional (proton) in vivo NMR spectroscopic study of reversible global cerebral ischemia

Journal of Neurochemistry 66 (6) 2491-2499

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Abstract :

The suitability of two-dimensional (2D) proton spectroscopy for monitoring, in vivo, the changes in levels of brain metabolites induced by cerebral ischemia was investigated in an experimental model of 30-min reversible ischemia induced by four-vessel occlusion in the rat. The resulting data were compared with those obtained by one-dimensional (1D) proton and phosphorus spectroscopy. Phosphorus spectra obtained during ischemia showed significant drops in levels of phosphocreatine (-73%), ß-ATP (-60%), and intracellular pH (to 6.30) and an increase in inorganic phosphate level (905%), 1D and 2D proton spectra showed decreases in the N-acetylaspartate/creatine-phosphocreatine ratio that were not significantly different [-21% (1D) and -32% (2D)]. Similarly, the increases in lactate/creatine-phosphocreatine ratio were not significantly different [2,546% (1D) and 3,020% (2D)].