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Brule, F ; Venema, J ; Segault, V ; Tollervey, D ; Branlant, C

The yeast Hansenula wingei U3 snoRNA gene contains an intron and its coding sequence co-evolved with the 5’ ETS region of the pre-ribosomal RNA

Rna-A Publication of The Rna Society 2 (2) 183-197

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Abstract :

The 5’ external transcribed spacer (ETS) region of the pre-rRNA in Saccharomyces cerevisiae contains a sequence with 10 bp of perfect complementarity to the U3 snoRNA. Base pairing between these sequences has been shown to be required for 18S rRNA synthesis, although interaction over the full in bp of complementarity is not required. We have identified the homologous sequence in the 5’ ETS from the evolutionarily distant yeast Hansenula wingei ; unexpectedly, this shows two sequence changes in the region predicted to base pair to U3. By PCR amplification and direct RNA sequencing, a single type of U3 snoRNA coding sequence was identified in H. wingei. As in the S. cerevisiae U3 snoRNA genes, it is interrupted by an intron with features characteristic of introns spliced in a spliceosome. Consequently, this unusual property is not restricted to the yeast genus Saccharomyces.