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Charpentier, S ; Jarvie, KR ; Severynse, DM ; Caron, MG ; Tiberi, M

Silencing of the constitutive activity of the dopamine D1B receptor

Journal of Biological Chemistry 271 (45) 28071-28076

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Abstract :

Recently, we have shown that the dopamine D1B/D5 receptor displays binding and coupling properties that are reminiscent of those of the constitutively activated G protein-coupled receptors when compared with the related D1A/D1 receptor subtype (Tiberi, M., and Caron, M. G. (1994) J. Biol. Chem. 269, 27925-27931). The carboxyl-terminal region of the third cytoplasmic loop of several G protein coupled receptors has been demonstrated to be important for the regulation of the equilibrium between inactive and active receptor conformations. In this cytoplasmic region, the primary structure of dopamine D1A and D1B receptors differs by only two residues : Phe(264)/Arg(266) present in D1A receptor compared with Ile(288)/Lys(290) in the D1B receptor.