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Quesnel, A ; Hsu, SC ; Delmas, A ; Steward, MW ; Trudelle, Y ; Abastado, JP

Efficient binding to the MHC class I K-D molecule of synthetic peptides in which the anchoring position 2 does not fit the consensus motif

Febs Letters 387 (1) 42-46

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Abstract :

Peptides eluted from the MHC class I K-d molecule are generally nonamers that display a strong preference for Tyr in position 2 and Ile or Leu in position 9. We investigated the binding ability of several synthetic peptides which did not fit this consensus motif. In our peptides, Tyr(2) was substituted by other amino acids, i.e. Leu, Be or Met. These peptides were variants of the 252-260 K-d-restricted peptide SYIPSAEKI derived from the Plasmodium berghei circumsporozoite protein. They bound to purified K-d molecules in vitro with intermediate affinity. One of them was tested for in vivo stimulation of T cells and induced a cytotoxic response. These results demonstrate the importance of binding motif refinement to discover new binding characteristics and new ligands such as low-affinity peptides.