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Jouvensal, L ; Carlier, PG ; Bloch, G

Practical implementation of single-voxel double-quantum editing on a whole-body NMR spectrometer : Localized monitoring of lactate in the human leg during and after exercise

Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 36 (3) 487-490

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Abstract :

The classical double-quantum editing sequence 90 degrees(x)-tau-180 degrees(y)-tau-90 degrees(x)-t(1)-90 degrees(x)-tau-180 degrees(y)-tau-AQ (tau = 1/4J) was rendered volume selective, by making slice selective the first 90 degrees pulse and the two 180 degrees pulses, Using simple rules to ensure optimum radio frequency phase coherence, this single-voxel editing sequence, reminiscent of a basic PRESS localization technique, was implemented on a whole-body 3 T spectrometer, and in vitro editing of lactate methyl protons was demonstrated without any significant loss in intrinsic sensitivity, The effectiveness of the proposed approach in vivo was also illustrated through the localized monitoring of lactate in the human leg during and after exercise.