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Denis, V ; Dupuis, P ; Bizouarne, N ; Sampaio, SD ; Hong, L ; Lebret, M ; Monsigny, M ; Nakache, M ; Kieda, C

Selective induction of peripheral and mucosal endothelial cell addressins with peripheral lymph nodes and Peyer’s patch cell-conditioned media

Journal of Leukocyte Biology 60 (6) 744-752

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Abstract :

Vascular endothelial cell addressins play an important role in lymphocyte homing in secondary lymphoid organs and in chronic inflammatory areas, A SV40 large T antigen-immortalized cell line from peripheral lymph nodes, HECa10 [Bizouarne et al., 1993a], was used to characterize the location of addressins with regard to environmental factors and cytokines. For this purpose, two monoclonal antibodies, MECA 79 and MECA 367, specific for peripheral lymph node vascular addressin and for mucosal addressin (Peyer’s patches), respectively, were bound to unstimulated HECa10 cells. Both mucosal and peripheral addressins were detected inside the cells and in cellular extracts of the resting cells. On the cell surface, both addressins could be evidenced on the same cells at a moderate level of expression.