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Itin, C ; Roche, AC ; Monsigny, M ; Hauri, HP

ERGIC-53 is a functional mannose-selective and calcium-dependent human homologue of leguminous lectins

Molecular Biology of The Cell 7 (3) 483-493

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Abstract :

Based on sequence homologies with leguminous lectins, the intermediate compartment marker ERGIC-53 was proposed to be a member of a putative new class of animal lectins associated with the secretory pathway. Independently, a promyelocytic protein, MR60, was purified by mannose-column chromatography, and a cDNA was isolated that matched MR60 peptide sequences. This cDNA was identical to that of ERGIC-53 and homologies With the animal lectin family of the galectins were noticed. Not all peptide sequences of MR60, however, were found in ERGIC-53, raising the possibility that another protein associated with ERGIC-53 may possess the lectin activity. Here, we provide the first direct evidence for a lectin function of ERGIC-53.