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Girard, PM ; deRocquigny, H ; Roques, BP ; Paoletti, J

A model of PSI dimerization : Destabilization of the C-278-G(303) stem-loop by the nucleocapsid protein (NCp10) of MoMuLV

Biochemistry 35 (26) 8705-8714

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Abstract :

We have shown that at low ionic strength (i.e., 100 mM NaCl) a short autocomplementary sequence spanning nucleotides C-283 to G(298) Of MoMuLV RNA genome is involved in the process of PSI dimerization in vitro [Girard, P.-M., Bonnet-Mathoniere, B., Muriaux, D., & Paoletti, J. (1995) Biochemistry 34, 9785-9794]. In order to identify other contributions of the PSI structure to RNA dimerization, we studied the kinetics of dimerization as a function of salt concentration of short RNA transcripts comprising or not the autocomplementary sequence C-283-G(298) We propose that, apart from the crucial role of this sequence in RNA dimerization, the 364-565 domain of PSI can interfere, in vitro, with the initiation of dimer formation.