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Muriaux, D ; DeRocquigny, H ; Roques, BP ; Paoletti, J

NCp7 activates HIV-1(Lai) RNA dimerization by converting a transient loop-loop complex into a stable dimer

Journal of Biological Chemistry 271 (52) 33686-33692

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Abstract :

Nucleocapsid protein 7 (NCp7), the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HTV-1) nucleocapsid protein, was shown to strongly potentiate the dimerization of the retroviral genomic RNA. This process involves the inter action of two retroviral RNA monomer subunits near their 5’-ends. A region located upstream from the splice donor site was recently identified as being responsible for the formation of dimeric HIV-1 RNA. This region appeared to be confined within a stem-loop structure, with an autocomplementary sequence in the loop. In an in vitro study of spontaneous dimer formation, we reported that the 77-402 RNA transcript forms two distinct dimers differing in their thermostability : D37 and D55.