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BonnetMathoniere, B ; Girard, PM ; Muriaux, D ; Paoletti, J

Nucleocapsid protein 10 activates dimerization of the RNA of Moloney murine leukaemia virus in vitro

European Journal of Biochemistry 238 (1) 129-135

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Abstract :

Short RNA species that encompas the psi domain of the retroviral genome spontaneously form dimers in vitro, and the retroviral nucleocapsid protein activates this dimerization its vitro. Addition of gag RNA sequences downstream of the 3’ end of the psi domain decreases the level of spontaneous dimerization. Here, we report the effects of RNA length on dimerization in vitro, studied with RNA fragments from Moloney murine leukamia virus that contain the psi domain and all or pal rt of the gag sequence. Extension of the RNA leads to progressive inhibition of the in vitro dimerization process. Sequences located downstream of the 3’ end of the psi domain seem to stabilize the monomeric structures.